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Melanie Nelson Adult Undergraduate CounselorWelcome!

I am so glad that you decided to check out Northwestern! If you are looking at completing or even starting your bachelor’s or associate's degree I am going to be your main source of information. 

As the Admissions Counselor in the Focus Adult Undergraduate program, my job is to help you through the process of applying and being accepted into Northwestern!

I started my own undergraduate program at a community college where my classes were a mixture of people at all different stages of life. I understand the huge step you are taking by deciding to come back to school or even start school for the first time! My dad actually graduated from the Focus program here at Northwestern a couple of years ago. While he was in school he owned and operated his own farm, was involved in the community, as well as cared for his family.

Going back to school as an adult can be challenging, but the format of the Adult Undergraduate program makes it possible! The end result of attaining your degree makes it all worthwhile!

I am also excited about the Christian environment and worldview that you will receive at Northwestern. I completed my bachelor’s degree at a university where a Christian worldview was present in our classes. During that time my faith and understanding of God grew tremendously. I hope and pray that the same thing happens for you!

Please contact me using the information above or fill out the form on this page to ask me any questions. I would love to assist you as you seek out God's guidance for furthering your education through evening and online undergraduate programs.

I hope to meet you soon!



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