Change of Venue

Change of Venue to Focus

Are you a current or previous Traditional or Undergraduate Pathways student and you are thinking about moving into the Focus Adult Undergraduate program? If so, contact the College of Adult & Graduate Studies (CAGS) office today!


Submit a Change of Venue Form

You can download, fill out, and send the completed Application for Change of Venue to

When we receive your application, we will evaluate your previous academic records and inform you of any additional requirements or next steps. Those additional requirements may include any of the following:

  • GPA Essay: if your cumulative GPA is near or below a 2.0 when you were last enrolled you will need to write and submit a GPA essay.
    • 500-word, single-spaced essay that answers the following questions:
    • What factors influenced your previous academic performance?
    • How have those factors changed and/or been addressed since you were last enrolled?
    • What will you do to ensure academic success this time around? How will you respond if similar factors come up once you begin classes? 
  • Official Transcripts: if you attended or registered at other institutions you must submit all official copies.
  • Student Account Clearance: if you have a student account hold and/or bill, you will need to seek Student Account clearance in order to pursue reenrollment.

Submit a Work/Life Essay – 500 words, single spaced essay that answers the following:

  • What are your career goals?
  • How will this degree help you to achieve these goals?
  • What Christ is doing in your life? How do you follow Him daily? How does your faith affect your goals?

After you submit your application, work/life essay, and any necessary information, a Student Academic Advisor will contact you to walk through the next steps. Please keep in mind that we require Change of Venue students to comply with current program requirements; your academic advisor will help you understand what this means in your specific situation.

If you are accepted, your next step will be to submit the Program Enrollment form found on theROCK (includes all 3 forms).