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God and Math

God and Math: How they come together at Northwestern. Getting your degree in engineering, computer science, or applied mathematics opens opportunities for well-paid, challenging, and enjoyable careers. Our field has a legacy of advances in technology, aviation, economic forecasting, and the development of new materials. If you like science or mathematics or find those skills come naturally to you, come and learn how Northwestern can help you put it all together and discover God’s plan for you.

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Why is Northwestern the best place to study math?

We give you a biblical foundation by integrating faith-related perspectives to concepts like the infinite, dimension, and mathematical certainty. We investigate how faith shaped the development of quantitative disciplines. We help cultivate an awe for our Creator by studying the natural world. We offer outstanding learning opportunities such as advanced coursework, research, and training with the latest computer software and applications. Our professors are accomplished professionals in their field, coming from places like the U.S. Forest Service and the Department of Defense. We have a former statistician for the state of Ohio and a globally accomplished engineer with numerous patents.

What will I do beyond classes?

Math and Engineering Research for the Real World: Conduct advanced research with a professor in bio-medicine, environmental technologies, and manufacturing.

  • Internships: Gain skills and experience in a business or conduct mathematical research.
  • Mathematics Competitions: Participate in local, regional, national, and international mathematics competitions.
  • Conference Presentations: Attend and present at local and national conferences.
  • Alpha Center Tutoring: Assist other students completing general education mathematics courses.
  • Teaching Assistant-ship: Assist faculty with grading and other course-related work.

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